The everyGAL story…

It began the summer of 1992. Lorrie, a new fifth grade teacher, was assigned a college intern, Amy, to work in her class.


The two became fast friends, soul sisters. As soon as Amy graduated from Chico State in the spring of 1994, they moved in together, got teaching jobs in the same district and a life long friendship was born.


Lorrie and Amy met Ginette teaching summer school. Ginette set Lorrie up on a blind date with her brother-in-law and the rest was history.


The three women have been part of each other’s lives ever since. From wedding parties to being witness to the birth of each other’s children, their bond has grown stronger with time.


Winter 2018 rocked the worlds of all three when a dear family friend was murdered in a mass shooting.


Alaina Housley, a freshman at Pepperdine was an innocent victim in the Thousand Oaks Borderline Shooting. The only daughter to Arik and Hannah, and dear family friend to Lorrie, Ginette and Amy, her death shook them and their families to the core.


Lorrie and her daughters were family to the Housleys. Traveling the world together, the girls grew up like sisters. This tragedy was unimaginable, a nightmare come to life.


Spring of 2018, on a drive to visit Lorrie in Napa, a thought popped into Amy’s head. 


“What if there was a wine that was bottled to INSPIRE?”


A wine that women could drink together that would inspire and uplift. Wine that would encourage women to unlock their potential and dream big together.


When she got to Lorrie’s she spoke this idea out loud. A few weeks later Ginette, Amy, Lorrie and their husbands met over dinner to discuss how this wine could become a reality.


They knew it had to be a special name and began brainstorming. Inspire, Believe, Radiate, Dream… all taken. Then Ginette had a brilliant idea, GAL. G for Ginette, A for Amy and L for Lorrie. Amy through the word ‘every’ in the mix and everyGAL was born.


This is so much more than a wine. It’s a symbol that anything is possible. That ordinary women, GAL’s like you and GAL’s like us can do extraordinary things.


If three elementary school teachers can launch their own wine label, YOU can do anything you put your mind to.


Join us on this journey to inspire authentic connection. 


everyGAL, anything is possible when you believe it to be true.